With your support, Ethiopia Skate will be able to continue its grassroots efforts of promoting access to skateboarding by constructing Ethiopia’s second free access, community-built, skatepark in the town of Hawassa.



About Hawassa - Hawassa is a city in the Great Rift Valley of central Ethiopia, located 285km south of Addis Ababa at the eastern edge of Lake Hawassa. As skateboarding has increased in popularity all across Ethiopia, Hawassa's youth are in need of a public recreation and community space where they can feel safe and empowered. We have been granted access to 500 m2 of land from the local government to build Hawassa Skatepark, Ethiopia's second skatepark. 

Team/Timeline - Our volunteer team from Addis Ababa and abroad will join together in Hawassa to share knowledge and skills with the local community.  Most of the groundwork, including site preparations and sourcing materials, will be done by local skateboarders mid-Sept to early-Oct. Volunteers will arrive in Awassa mid-October and finish construction over the next 2-3 weeks.

Sustainability - Hawassa Skatepark will be a community space serving local youth. In the weeks following construction, we will set up lessons and board loaner programs with local partners.