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Planned build dates are Oct 15 - 17 - Oct 31-17.

We will provide housing for up to 25 volunteer builders - to claim your spot, let us know below.  Additional volunteers will need to find a guesthouse, which are around 250birr/night.



Single entry tourist visas are available upon arrival and cost $50 for one month

Hawassa is 5 hours by road from Addis Ababa and 45 minutes by plane.

Ethiopian Airlines flys from Addis Ababa - Hawassa every day for about 1000birr one-way (local rate). In order to get the local rate you will need to fly Ethiopian Airlines to get into the country. You can book at any Ethiopian Airlines office (including at the Hilton Hotel). 

Selam Bus and Sky Bus run from Addis Ababa- Hawassa for around 150 birr for a one-way trip. Buy tickets a day or two before you leave as they often sell out for the day. Get Selam Bus ticket in advance at Meskel Square (opposite the huge lot) or Sky Bus tickets at their Taitu Hotel office. 

There are also many minibuses running between Addis Ababa and Hawassa all day long. They are usually faster and leave whenever they have enough passengers. They are also incredibly crowded with little space for luggage except for on the roof - be careful.


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